Service Dog for Sue Cook


We at Notebook Entertainment are turning to you, the fans to help one of our own. Our dear friend and collaborator Sue Cook is in need of a service dog. Her health is deteriorating and its no longer an option but a requirement for her life. However, getting a well trained service dog is VERY expensive.

Here is what Sue had to say about what Quigley, the service dog will do for her.

Quigley will be my Seizure Response/Alert, Diabetic Alert/Response, Mobility assistance & General Service Dog. He is being trained by New Hope Assistance Dogs Inc, a 501(c)3 agency which trains multiple disciplinary dogs. These dogs are trained to focus on their partner as they go though everyday life. They are trained for 2 years to work while encountering various situations, and the public.

He will be my brace, my chair pulling dog (I am currently in a wheel chair 3/4 of the time) and my life line in order for me to feel safe when I am alone. He offers a wonderful feeling of independence. These dogs are federally protected under the ADA and may accompany their handler everywhere.

Quigley will be arriving in January to start our team training. It is a rigorous 2 weeks, but so very worth it. Please help me bring him home. Thank you.

Thanks Sue…
Now, in exchange for your donation, and upon reaching the minimum goal, we at Notebook Entertainment will release from the vaults FML episode 75 featuring never before seen uncensored footage not allowed on YouTube.

Here is how it will work.

With a minimum donation of $1.00 and we reach our minimum goal you will be sent a password to access the uncensored episode 75 on our website

If you choose to donate a minimum of $5.00 or more and we EXCEED our goal, you will gain access to not only Episode 75 uncensored, but a never before seen FML episode starring Kristine from episode 75, which we will call “Dance like Everyone is Watching.” In the episode she very happily dances around her living room buck naked when she’s caught off guard by the maintenance man working in the kitchen. This episode was never completed and was deemed too hot for YouTube censored or not. With a minimum donation of $5.00 or more and upon exceeding our goal….You will see the lost uncompleted episode completely unrated and uncensored. Once again, this will be accomplished by emailing you a personal password to unlock the episode on our website.

Now, we understand there is always a chance we won’t reach our minimum goal at all. That is why if we do NOT reach our goal of $12,000 we will release the never before seen episode, “Dance Like Everyone is Watching” to all who donated with the typical YouTube censors. So either way, you get to see a never before seen FML that we deemed to be too hot for YouTube.

Lastly, if you do not care about seeing these episodes uncensored and just wish to help Sue get the service dog she so desperately needs, please do. Every dollar counts and with all of our fans and subscribers we can easily do achieve this goal with even $1 donations.

We love Sue and she is such a good person, she deserves so much better and this was the best way we could figure out how to raise the money for her dog.

Thank you in advance and successful or not, this is a win win situation for you the fans. Your donation will not go unrewarded.

$1 donation gets you episode 75 uncensored once we reach our goal.

$5 or more gets you episode 75 uncensored AND upon exceeding our goal the never before seen episode “Dance Like Evryone is Watching” completely uncensored.

$50.00 donation gets you all of the above perks PLUS be for the first to receive the FML 2019 calendar (once its released) signed by the girls and 1 year of patreon exclusive video access.

$100.00 or more donation gets you all of the above PLUS The Best of FML on DVD (upon its release) which will include these two uncensored episodes which will not be featured on the regular release.

$500.00 gets you all of the above PLUS uncensored bloopers from these two episodes.

$1,000.00 or above gets you all of the above PLUS behind the scenes uncensored footage of the making of these two episodes. See all the fun we had while making your favorite FML episode. 2 years of patreon exclusive video access.

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