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The creative minds behind The Deadersons and other major works are a part of the local business Notebook Entertainment. I would call them a production company, but that is only one of the many things that they do. Notebook Entertainment is the umbrella brand that covers a whole bunch of creative endeavors.

Wyatt Elliott started Notebook Entertainment 10 years ago this June, June 1, 2007. Growing up, he always wanted to make his own films. He read a lot of books, but always had more love for the art of film. He started telling stories and writing screenplays, but he thought he could never get into film because he hadn’t gone to school for it. Thankfully, technology caught up. With YouTube being as big of a resource as it is for creators, he was able to bring his vision and passion to the screen.

They started with a short called John Rainbow. It ended up going viral, granted it was a lot easier to go viral back in the day. It ended up on Yahoo’s front page anf gained 60-70 thousand views in one day. He has never looked back since.

Enter Kris Williamson, co-owner (or as she prefers, Empress) and writer. Once she joined the team, everything started to really take off and become something serious. Wyatt always treated Notebook as more of a hobby, but with a business partner and fellow creative mind, they charged forward. They started hiring real actors to be in their projects. The actors were used to a professional approach in filmmaking so they, in turn, had to adapt to a more professional environment. [Read More]

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