Rockford Buzz: Wyatt Elliott

You read about Notebook, then about our Empress, now read all about our CEO and founder Wyatt Elliott.

Wyatt Elliott was born in a Sleepy Hollow, a little town outside of West Dundee. He lived in Colorado for about five years before ultimately moving back to Rockford when he was about 13.

Wyatt wasn’t born in a hospital. He was born in a bathtub, which meant that he didn’t have a social security card until he was 18 and forced to get one due to employment. Before then, they had lived off of his father’s child support checks, and he never knew that he needed a social security card.

Wyatt and his family were homeless for a lot of his childhood. They lived out of a van, and he ended up being home schooled by his mother under what was considered Satellite Schooling. His grandmother received the textbooks, she would send them here, and when he was done with all of the work they sent them back.

Wyatt’s creativity stems from when he was a child. They didn’t have a television growing up, so he and his brother would create their own entertainment. They drew comic books and movies. He always drew out what he thought horror movies were like. When he wasn’t writing or drawing, he set up his toys into stories and story arcs. He would cast them into different roles, and that’s how his movies would play out.

Now, Wyatt has channeled his creativity to a role behind a camera. As owner and director at Notebook Entertainment, he gets to make his stories come to life with real actors instead of action figures. He is one of the brains that has helped bring The Deadersons, Rockford’s Sitcom, to life amongst many other projects. He and his business partner and friend Kris Williamson are always creating new things to keep their fans happy. Wyatt takes pride in his work, and that is evident while talking to him. He would rather make shows than watch shows. He will always choose to make rather than consume. Sometimes he will go out to a movie with some friends, but they mostly enjoy card and board game nights instead.

Wyatt’s favorite thing about Rockford is the support factor. Rockford has been good to him. When he was younger, he wanted to get out. As he goes along, he realizes how much support he has received and he has realized what a tight knit community we have. The community is full of really good entrepreneurs. And all of the local places try to help each other. He also enjoys how there are plenty of things to do here, citing the park district events and the amazing parks we have around town. [Read More]

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