Rockford Buzz: Kris Williamson

Our very own Empress is featured in this story by Rockford Buzz today. Extra! Extra! Read all about her

Kris Williamson is originally from the Cicero area of Chicago. She moved to Poplar Grove when she was 14 and hopes to move to Rockford within the year. Kris graduated from Belvidere High School with the class of 2003. This was back when there was only one high school there. She enjoys the city and is a part of a major entertainment company here in town. Even though she doesn’t live in Rockford currently, she is a big part of this town.

Many people say that they have a wide variety of interests and dabble in a lot of different things. I have never met someone who has said that and actually meant it as much as Kris Williamson. Growing up, her family members all had different interests, and that carried over into her life and has only grown with her. Her father is into horror and wrestling which ended up in her being exposed to horror movies when she was 4 years old. Her aunt enjoys soap operas, her mom is into romance, and her grandmother is into daytime television. Kris watched as much TV as possible growing up, so she was exposed to everything.

Stemming from her interest in different genres, Kris was also a huge reader growing up. She would be up all night reading and basically taught herself how to read after memorizing all of the words in her books. [Read More]

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