A “Love Song” for Rachael from a FML fan!

Okay, this is a first guys. a few months back, a fan who’s screen name is Friendly G8 left a comment that he said was song lyrics to one of our cast members, Rachael. He said it was all in fun, so we decided to have some fun with it ourselves. We our good friend and FML star Dany Grams to write music for it and perform it to Rachael. This is the first time she’s hearing it as a song. She did read the comment and was quite “flattered” 🙂 Thank You Friendly G8, I doubt you thought we would take it this far, but we did. Sorry not sorry. This was a lot of fun. Thank you for being a fan!! We love our fans and we will continue to try and make as much fan content as possible. Lyrics by Friendly G Music by Danny Grams Performed by Danny Grams

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