Help The Deadersons go to Hollywood!


Amanda Buhs who plays Jenny Justice on The Deadersons was nominated for best young Actress at the Young Artist Awards in Hollywood California for her role on our Zombie sitcom!

We at Notebook Entertainment (Kris Williamson and Wyatt Elliott) could not be prouder of her accomplishment. However we have a golden opportunity here to get the word out about The Deadersons to the entertainment capital of the world!

The Young Artist Award ceremony is on March 13th in Hollywood California and we can attend. This could be a huge neworking opportunity for Notebook and the Deadersons. Hollywood celebrities and bigwigs will be in attendence as well as all of the major entertainment media. We even found out there’s a chance the event will be televised.

The fact that The Deadersons will be named in front of all in attendence is amazing enough, but it could be broadcast to the world. All of this is amazing news for our little show, however if we are not there to represent The Deadersons all could be lost.

This is an open door to meeting with producers, agents, executives, and people in the entertainment industry. Its well known in Hollywood that its not what you know, but who you know.

Kris and I are not shy, especially when it comes to talking about our show. We feel we HAVE to attend the ceremony and walk through this door that has been opened for us. Think of The Golden Globe awards on a slightly smaller scale. We will be at a table in a banquet room full of fellow artists, actors, producers etc.

As producers of a show which now features a nominated actress, we will have a virtual open door to speak to whomever is there. We can not pass up this opportunity we never thought we would have this soon in the production of the show. This is a game changer guys!

Here’s the downside. It is NOT cheap to go to this event, epsecially if you’re from Rockford, Illinois and produce a show entirely out of your own pocket. Kris and I have been funding the Deadersons ourselves and have made very little in advertising. Kris works two Full Time jobs in additioin to filming and I am currently unemployed. We cannot afford the $300 per seat nor the flight, hotel, car rental etc. But you could change all of that for us.

We know a lot of you belive in this show and Notebook. We love you all and appreciate all that you already do for us. We have always been shy about asking for money, but this is an opportunity to make our dream of making a legitiment show with a budget. We believe as we know most of you do as well, that The Deadersons is really something special and should be getting a wider audience.

If you can help us raise the funds to make this trip a reality, not only will you be giving two dreamers the opportunity to live out their childhood fantasies of going to a Hollywood award show, but an even greater opportunity to make contacts in an industry that is impossible for a little show from Rockford, Illinois to break through normally without millions of views.



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