Notebook Entertainment founder Wyatt Elliott was not born of riches. The youngest of 3, he was raised by a single mother whose only source of income was the child support supplied by his father of 450.00 a month. During tough times his family spent a lot of time on the road, and after a tragic loss of their house, was left homeless and forced to live out of their late 70’s conversion van for about five years.

During this time, he and his brother didn’t have television or any source of outside social networks. So they would entertain themselves by drawing and acting out stories and characters. all of these stories were drawn in notebooks, comic book style. Wyatt didn’t see them as comic books though, to him, they were movies.

Notebook Entertainment was always a dream for founder Wyatt Elliott ever since he was a little boy watching movies on the big screen in awe. He didn’t just enjoy going to the movies, he relished in reading about them, hearing what critics said, and learning all about the productions and the behind the scenes aspect of what goes into making a movie. Wyatt never dreamed of being the next Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford, no he was a fan of the people who sat in the director’s chair.

It wasn’t until 2000 that he stopped dreaming about writing and actually wrote his first feature length screenplay. Completely self taught the process of screenwriting, with a lot of help from his friend Christopher Engler, who would later go on to direct and star in Eros Ink (Notebook’s first produced feature film and based on that first screenplay)
Wyatt went on to complete 10 feature length screenplays and entered numerous contests, only to get discouraged at the tough competition and harsh life a writer could be.

In 2007 he decided to stop listening to all the nay sayers who told him he could not make a film because he never went to school for it. He and a buddy made a short movie trailer parody called John Rainbo. it was extremely amateur and done on a whim with no budget. it was posted on YouTube and Yahoo and a week later Yahoo posted it on their FRONT PAGE and it just SKY ROCKETED into internet viral bliss…. and Notebook Entertainment was born.

Wyatt has never looked back since. He’s tried his hat at several webseries. one based on his second screenplay called Retail, which was about his life working as a retail slave in many different chains.

Above Average Man was a super hero parody in the style of his childhood comic book called Super Kitty Cat.

It wasn’t until 2010 after the carpet was pulled on Retail and Above Average Man that he started a little web series called Tales From FMyLife which was a weekly 1 minute comedy series about the everyday things that occur in our lives that make us say FML, that Wyatt would finally get a little recognition that he so longed for. It catapulted him into meeting lots of local talented film makers and put his name on the lip on the local scene. Now 2 years, 5 seasons and over 120 episodes later…Notebook Entertainment is on its way to fulfilling a lifelong dream of a little boy who survived by eating from dumpsters and taking shelter in a van with his mom and two older brothers.

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